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If you need a professional opinion as to whether a property is worth investing in or not, you’ve come to the right place. Our appraisal services will help you determine the value of the property you’re looking for and how it can appreciate or depreciate over time.

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Darrel Clark & Associates, Inc. is an investment property company serving clients in Mapleton, UT, and Summit Counties. We provide appraisals to help you identify if a residential property is worth investing in.


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As a trusted property appraisal company in the area, our investment property services exist to help investors determine the value of their home to be able to make informed decisions on their investment.

It is entirely normal to get a property appraisal every few years. Some investors use assessments to determine the appreciation an investment property has received. This can be a considerable factor in weighing the actual profits received on an investment. Taxation is another valid reason to get an appraisal. You don’t want to be paying too high of taxes because your previous property appraisal was incorrect. An update on the actual value of your property is crucial, and that’s why regular property appraisal services are a must. Going strictly by what a local or municipal tax assessor tells you might be a costly mistake. Lowering taxes on investment property is one of the ways that you can build your real estate wealth.

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We’re an investment property company located in Mapleton, UT. Backed by over 35 years of experience, our goal is to help our clientele make the most informed and strategic choices. If you need an appraisal for your investment property, we can help! We assist clients in all of Utah and Summit Counties.

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We’re committed to helping you find the right home for you through our appraisals, whether you’re looking for an investment property or your dream home.